28 February 2011

A Kiss Goodbye

tucker had so much fun with daddy home!  so it's bittersweet to have to say goodbye again.  with any luck the second half of this deployment will go by just as quick!

25 February 2011

Ghost Town

sorry for the lack of posts.  since michael was home, we spent some much needed time together as a family :)

posting will resume sometime next week. right now, i reserve the right to cry like a baby :(

07 February 2011

Pip and the Gang

where's my money?  you have until 5 o'clock today to get it to me. don't make me send "chunky tuck" after you. 

01 February 2011

Bucking the Trend

smile...you're on bucky camera!  tia shows us her bucky interpretation.  can't you just hear the banjos in the background?