30 December 2009

Christmas 2009

I figure I'm doing good to at least get some pictures posted, so you all can caption these yourselves!

10 December 2009

Battle of the Bowl

Pip and Ellie meet over the spaghetti-o bowl for leftovers. Who will reign?

07 December 2009

Game Night

Pip distracts Ellie from the game, giving Michael a chance to win the game.

02 December 2009

New Addition

Here is the first shot of our new pup--Tucker! We get to pick him up around Christmas. We're both so excited to have a new puppy!! Hopefully Pip and Ellie will welcome Tucker to the family without scarring him for life :)

30 November 2009

PVT. Pip

After a hard day of kp duty, Pvt. Pip is ready to bunk down for the night. Sleep well Pip, for it all begins again tomorrow!

19 November 2009

Happy Hour

If this doesn't make you chuckle, then maybe you're dead inside!

18 November 2009

Give Peas a Chance

So, peas might be good for you blah, blah, blah, but they give Pip horrible smelling gas (not that Pip ever has not horrible smelling gas), but it truly ranks up there with things that must never be smelled, ever!

17 November 2009

Snuggle Buddies?

Are they finally learning to be friends? Or is the appeal of the fuzzy blanket enough to overcome their differences? My money is on the fuzzy blanket.

11 November 2009

In Honor

Pip likes to thank her soldier by getting right up in there for a big kiss!

Pin Up Pip

Elliot -these boots were made for walking on Pip!

10 November 2009

09 November 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

That's not Jack Frost nipping at your nose--it's this trio of elves that are bent on retaliation for being made to dress up again!

04 November 2009

Audience Participation Wanted!

I am feeling a little brain dead today, so you get to caption this photo yourself. Leave your entries in the comment section! Have fun with this!!

03 November 2009

02 November 2009


So Pip was a barking fairy for halloween. Or maybe she was the fairy of cuteness.

27 October 2009


The mug shot taken after Pip attacked Elliot. Notice the fur in the mouth, the smug look, the look that says, "I am NOT sorry". All because Elliot wanted to snuggle too.

23 October 2009


Please to enjoy Pip at the food bowl!

*loud chewing syndrome--only cute when pip & zedd do it!

22 October 2009

Sittin' pretty

and talking smack about Zedd!

Red head

Michael is part of the extreme "redneck" army!

21 October 2009

Light Bright

Ah, the bright lights, small Pippy of Killeen!

20 October 2009

Blue Cat

Underneath those electric blue bangs, Ellie is plotting my demise!

19 October 2009


Here's Pip once again suffering the indignity of having something put on her head. But tell me, doesn't it make you chuckle?

16 October 2009

14 October 2009

New 'Do

I think blue is definitely Pip's color!

13 October 2009

The Right Idea

All this rainy weather puts me in the napping mood.

09 October 2009

Weekend Break

As usual, posting will be light to non-existent over the weekend, especially since Michael has a 4 day!

See you on the Pip side!!

08 October 2009

Fry Guy

"Mom gets a burger and all I get is this lousy french fry!"

07 October 2009

It's so cold in here

Yes, Pip, it might be a bit chilly (if you can call 72 degrees chilly) but I am not turning on the heat! That's what blankets are for (and socks and sweaters...)!

06 October 2009

There's a bug going around

Here's Ellie stalking her prey and just as she goes to swipe it, Pip comes charging towards her, barking like Ellie's doing something wrong. No Pip, that was you. That was you.

05 October 2009

excuse me

hey Pip, you got a little something on your nose there. no the other side, yeah, right there!

01 October 2009


Since Pip's head is so small,  it;s difficult to place things on it and take a picture of it without it falling off.  So, here I give you Pip with a rat on her back.  And Pip is giving me a look like "must I do this?"  Yes, Pip you must!

30 September 2009

Who let the Pip out?

So as I returned from the store, I let Pip and Ellie have some outdoor time as I carried in the bags.  Normally Pip stays close and herds me and Ellie back in the house.  Not today!  Pip took off barking at who knows what.  Luckily, she only went 3 houses down and came back as I finally caught up to her.  No great adventure for her!

29 September 2009

Do these glasses make me look smarter?

In Euclidean plane geometry, pi is defined as the ration of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  In usual decimal notation it is approximately 3.1459...............
there's pie??  where??

25 September 2009

Need a lift?

Pip has taken to sitting/sleeping on a pillow on the sofa. I guess since she's the littlest member in the family she needs a booster seat? 
Either that or she's got herself a new throne to rule the house from!

24 September 2009

Looks can be deceiving

 Pip may look cute and trustworthy but don't turn your back if there is food out.  She will have eaten your morning bagel while you go get something to drink. Way to steal food Pip, like I never put crunchies in your food bowl!

22 September 2009

Thunder Road

My pippy-senses are tingling! 
What is making that thundering booms I keep hearing at all hours of the day?  Oh, that's right--Heavy Company is in the field doing tank exercises. Well, I'll be glad when they stop!  I get so scared when they go boom, that I have to snuggle with mom, no matter what she's doing.

18 September 2009

Maybe dogs aren't colorblind

Pip has turned out to be a somewhat racist dog.  Nick is over at our house pretty much every day and every day Pip barks her head off at him.  Not just regular barking...more like "I hate you, go away" barking.  Strange coming from a black and white dog.  Way to be racist there Pip!

note the terrified look on her face.  what a pinhead!

17 September 2009

Why, yes

I am an evil bat dog sent from the depths of hell to steal your sausages!  I'm so evil I need a pretty pink leash  :)

16 September 2009


Zedd used to love dressing up but I guess since he's a "big boy" now, he no longer enjoys it-- even if it is a shirt with a hoot owl on it!

Nap Time

Who needs a pillow?  A bag of shredded paper will do just fine.  Way to recycle Ellie!

15 September 2009

The Bark Heard 'Round the World...

or at least Foxborough, MA.  Pip normally hates football and especially when we hoot and holler at the screen. ( It's gonna be a long 17 weeks!)  Anyways, last night Buffalo at Patriots (ptooey!)-Bills are leading 17-13 late in the 4th quarter, Pip is agitated from the cheering for the Bills-Michael tells her it's ok to get excited and bark during football, so she does.  And what happens?  Patriots come back to win it 25-24.  Damn you Pip!  Damn Patriot fan!!

Yeah, that's right, no ice cream for you Pip until you learn how to root for the Titans!!