30 May 2010

Memorial Day

If you can't stand behind our troops, please stand in front of them!
pip has been a proud supporter of the troops since 2004

thank you to all the veterans who have served!!

25 May 2010


pip had a case of the mondays, so she sends her love until she feels better.

20 May 2010

Birthday Wishes

happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear margie, happy birthday to you!!

19 May 2010


the breath of death pant
a weapon of gross proportions

18 May 2010


 there's a new gang in town--the BKS-burr king shepherds!  they like to hide weapons in their tails to better assualt you with.  so far no major skirmishes with the foxy terriers, although they have tried to take over elliot's turf in the kitchen. 

17 May 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

zedd and tia overcome their cultural differences to become friends.  i guess animals can teach us how to be more human, eh?

15 May 2010

11 May 2010

Dim Wit

checkers is not the brightest dog around--he operates at about 45 watts

09 May 2010

Zedd's Initiation into The Foxy Terriers

here's zedd after stealing a treat from buddy, the neighborhood bully.  that was brave zedd, but was it enough to get you into the foxy terriers?

pip gives zedd the once over to make sure he's man enough to be a foxy terrier.  nice ink zedd!

06 May 2010

Double Cross

                        one day, ellie hatches a plan against tucker, her new arch enemy, and succeeds in turning checkers and pip against him, or so she thought....

                            but pip pulls a fast one on ellie and turns traitor to gain favor with tucker

02 May 2010

A Pirate's Life for Pip

Pip the Blacknose Pirate is a serious treasure seeker.  She's been known to steal from much larger dogs to complete her collection and she guards it with a fierce devotion...so watch your ankles!