20 September 2012

Friday Feel Good

When in doubt, just bucky it.  I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face :)  Have a great weekend!


10 September 2012

Back to Business

Ok , so it's been a lot longer of a break than I planned on taking.  I blame the hot Texas summers...that heat is so draining.  Then Mike came back from deployment and time just kept ticking away.  Mike came home from Iraq, went to training in Georgia for 2 1/2 months, then we had a PCS move to San Antonio.  It's been a struggle to adjust Tucker, Charlie and Elliot to apartment living.  No one cares for it much.  I don't blame them.  I don't like it either.  But the biggest news is the original pinhead, Pip, went missing last October. :(  After an exhaustive search, lots of flyers, several calls to psychics (don't judge), countless man hours driving and walking around neighborhoods, she is still MIA.  Damn that little pup.  Everyone misses her like crazy, but especially her first momma.    In order to help M. cope with her loss I ordered her a custom charm from http://www.leanimale.com/
so,  the focus of this blog will change slightly.  There will still be plenty of dog pictures as the newest member of the pack joined us in December.

 Meet Otis, a mutt of epic stubborness.  He is a handful and the only dog he really gets along with is Charlie, go figure.  I have plenty of Otis pictures and stories so you will get to know him over time, don't worry.  

Signing off for now!  Glad to be back!


09 June 2011

A Little Paws

sorry for the lack of posting, but i've been spending a lot of time at the pool.  i look nowhere near as cute in my bathing suit as pip does. but it feels good to cool off in this texas heat!

24 May 2011

On Safari

so i originally bought this bed for the dogs but elliot has claimed it.  one time tucker got on it and ellie gave him the stink eye until he moved.  that's right, she stared him down and won.  way to be a DOG tucker.

20 May 2011

I Pity the Fool

happy birthday marg!  i know you'll celebrate in style...perhaps the style
of mr,. t!  

05 May 2011


looks like somebody over indulged on the margaritas...again.   while tucker and charlie sleep it off, pip would like to remind you if you drink, please don't drive!  have a safe and happy cinco de mayo!


25 April 2011

Somebunny's Watching You

tucker wants to know if you see that easter egg too.  because he swears it wasn't there when i took the picture.  i think someone ate a little too much easter candy!