28 April 2010

You lookin' at me?

ever since getting her tattoo, pip has taken on a surly attitude.  she even joined a gang...the foxy terriers!

26 April 2010


here's pip recharging after a busy weekend of sleeping, eating, and more sleeping.  what a hard life!

22 April 2010

Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight...

so get a pinhead of your very own for 25% off!!  hurry, supplies are limited!!  all sales final...no refunds or exchanges!!

21 April 2010

Cake Time

today we celebrate both elliot and zedd's birthdays...zedd is an old man at 7 and ellie is 6!
hard to believe that elliot started out this tiny...good thing i have photographic proof! 

 it's as if he's saying "give me cake now!"

06 April 2010

Pip Learns the Truth

after thinking she had a big butt, pip discovers she actually has a small heiney.

03 April 2010

A Typical Weekend

this is a picture that can be seen anytime Michael has free time

A Rare Sighting

most dogs choose to greet each other with a sniff of the butt, but Pip chose to welcome Tucker into the family with a hug.