31 August 2009


Just look at that small head! No wonder I'm having problems teaching her to tell time. This morning it was 2:18 am when she started scratching to go out. Yup, 2:18. Way to welcome in Monday morning Pip!

29 August 2009

Bad cat!

So Ellie has done some gross things in her time but today tops it! She brought in a little baby lizard and put it on my shoe! My shoe!! My favorite pair of flippies! Needless to say, these flippies are unwearable. I will not put my foot on anything that had lizard guts on it! Way to ruin my flippies Ellie :(

28 August 2009

old cat, old tricks

Elliot in bag in Killeen
Elliot in book bag in Germany

Elliot in plastic wrap in Germany

Elliot in grocery bag in Germany

It's obvious

that we don't like to do yard work! That's the best picture I could get since Pip didn't like the tall grass. Imagine that.

27 August 2009

Look what I can do

I can rip apart toys so you have to buy me new ones, hahaha!

26 August 2009

rain, rain

go away! Actually, the rain can stay but the thunder needs to go since it turns Pip into a squirrel nutkin!


Too bad I can't impart the smell along with the picture! Pip has the best smelling cheddar feet!!

25 August 2009

"I said

bow down to me!!"
One more example of why Pip is a single rider :)

24 August 2009

case of the mondays

I've never been a fan of mornings, but since living with Pip, it's even harder to get out of bed at a decent hour. One reason is Pip likes to have early morning pees (anywhere from 2:30-4:50 am). Ugh!! I'm trying to teach Pip how to tell time, but she is a stubborn one.

22 August 2009

and alienate them

"you give me the scooby snacks and no one gets hurt!"

How to make friends

The butt sniffing option is certainly a popular method. Way to put it out there Pip!
The ear sniffing is another option, used less frequently. Way to think outside the box Pip!

21 August 2009

Cheer up...

It's BUCKY time!!

How could you not love this face??!!

20 August 2009


Pip loves to look at you. In fact, I would bet good money that Pip could beat Chuck Norris in a staredown! But, after a while, you start to wonder if you have a booger on your face or something...why is she still staring at me??!! Way to creep me out Pip!

*intensely staring pip

19 August 2009

So, um, yeah...

I walk out of the kitchen to this lovely sight. Ellie, being the good hunter cat, bought a cricket inside. Yum, cricket breath!

Nature lover...

or is she trying to get her shirt off?

18 August 2009

Dog Fight!

Pip and Zedd fighting over a stuffed rat toy. Classy.

17 August 2009

Technology once again is my enemy

I'm having trouble uploading new pictures, so for now you'll have to settle for an older picture. How cute is that face? (and yes, I'm talking about Pip!)

15 August 2009

sometimes Pip likes to play "Blair Witch"

14 August 2009

Meet Pip and Elliot!

Elliot is my fat cat with a major dose of catitude .
Pip is a toy fox terrier with a napoleon complex.