31 December 2010

Ringing in the New Year

we hope everyone has a safe and happy new years!  we're trying to be on our best behavior so mom will give us some champagne.  it's hard though, especially since it's so much fun to tease ellie. 

27 December 2010

A New Spin on a Classic

tucker puts an evil twist on the classic bucky face.   maybe we should have a bucky-off?

25 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!  hope your  food bowl was filled with wonderful food and you had good friends by your side!  

21 December 2010

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

I'm surprised that my camera was able to capture a somewhat decent video of the winter solstice lunar eclipse (yay Kodak!).  Luckily, it wasn't cloudy in Killeen so I could see it.  Suck it Austin!!  You might have hosted WWE Raw last night, but I got to see the once in lifetime event of the eclipse!

18 December 2010

From the Vault

aww, look at that little fuzzball tucker!   get him pip!

16 December 2010

On the Naughty List

since his stocking is sure to be filled with coal,  checkers begrudgingly poses for a christmas photo in order to get reinstated on the nice list.  nice try checkers.  we'll have to see what santa says.

08 December 2010

A Little Squirrely

tucker has been busy stockpiling nuts for the winter season.  it's his not so subtle way of telling me that he misses his since i got him neutered over the summer.

05 December 2010

Wheezy Claus

zedd would sing a christmas carol but with his asthma, he can barely make it through a verse of "jingle bells".

01 December 2010


the t-chex, long thought extinct, is just really camera shy.  kinda like sasquatch.

20 November 2010

Lord of the Highlanders

there can only be one! one ring to rule the pups!  or only one ring that the pups want to play with, even though someone was nice enough to get one for each of them. 

16 November 2010

Belated Birthday

i know this is a little late, but happy birthday to tucker and checkers!!  their actual birthday was on sunday, the 14th.   they got a birthday call from daddy and some rawhide treats.  on monday, they got to go to the vet.  i know, i'm such a good mommy :)

10 November 2010

Gang Warfare

p pippy pupp, notorious leader of  the foxy terriers,  wants you to know that this is her turf.  she started a gang war with the BKS and i was caught in the middle and suffered a bite attack. so watch out for flying fur (or worse)!

08 November 2010


pip came for a much needed visit this past weekend!  and of course, we needed cake to celebrate.  yes, need.   don't judge us :) 

05 November 2010

03 November 2010

The Original is Still the Best

it's been a while since i featured pip, the original pinhead.   of course, since pip no longer lives with me (i miss the little booger) i had to go to some stock photos.  pip thinks this is outrageous.  i might have to agree.  especially since someone (nudge, nudge) promised to send me some.

01 November 2010

Getting Older

as his birthday draws closer, tucker suffers from a slight depression as he learns he needs glasses. or his foot hurts.  or he just doesn't like playing dress up with me.  or he misses his daddy.  could be anything really :)

29 October 2010


so i come home to find poor tucker with a broken paw.  obviously, they were doing something they weren't supposed to, so no one's talking about how it happened.  too bad i can't take the cost of the vet bill out of their allowance!

26 October 2010

Full Moon Madness

over the weekend, i was able to capture on film the transformation of tucker the dog into tucker the wolf.  i know it's hard to see, but it's there.  

20 October 2010

Silent Scream

tucker really likes to bite checkers on the neck.  i think tucker has been reading too many vampire books.

15 October 2010

Crazy Head Zedd

after getting the zedd head back from the taxidermist, jan realized maybe going with the cheapest option wasn't the way to go.

14 October 2010

Ms. Ellie

 i see a fat cat in your near future
 and lots of snuggles

11 October 2010

Menage a Dog

tucker and tia sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  not one to be left out, checkers gives 
himself a kiss.

09 October 2010

Return of Count Pippula

 count pippula checks on her victims.  she is hoping to grow her vampire army to defeat the evil checkers.

08 October 2010

Ding Dong

trick or treat, smell our feet, give us something good to eat.*

*we'd prefer a treat, our feet smell like cheddar, and we're not picky eaters. 

06 October 2010

28 Minutes Later

after being exposed to a steven segal movie, the dogs turned on each other.

05 October 2010

Count Pippula

after filling up, count pippula keeps a close watch on her leftovers.