28 January 2011

Spring Training

the weather has been absolutely gorgeous these last couple of days so we've been spending a lot of time outside! the pups have been practicing their frisbee pull and i think they've got it down pat.  next up, tug of fox.

26 January 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

i think i want to get this professionally printed for our house.  thoughts?  opinions?
regular programming will resume tomorrow, maybe!


25 January 2011

The Countdown Begins

i think these pictures speak for themselves.  it's been tough not having michael around.  we are all looking forward to having him home soon, even if  it's only for a short time.

23 January 2011

Bad Dog

tucker has been so depressed without daddy.  so in order to stay close to him, tucker has picked up the bad habit of dipping.  yuck!!

16 January 2011

Um, yeah...

so, i've got nothing for you.  it's been raining and cold the last couple of days and that has made me super lazy and a little brain dead.  so you're stuck with this.  not unlike poo on your shoes :)

13 January 2011

I'm a Wiener

ok, not a wiener dog but a winner!  and no that's not a self-affirmation, i won a contest from pixable.   if you've never heard of pixable, i highly recommend checking them out (pixable.com).  they have awesome photo books that you can design and they're affordable!    unfortunately, it wasn't for a photo i submitted, just a comment, but still...i won! 

thanks for your love pip!  i think you're pretty awesome too :)

10 January 2011

Eskimo Wishes

see that look tucker is giving me?  he's thinking "dammit woman, turn on the heat already!" yeah, well until you start paying the bills tucker, you're just gonna have to snuggle up!  if it stays this cold, i will turn the heat on so no one call the spca on me :)

07 January 2011

Caught on Camera

somehow i managed to get this photo before charlie took off like a bat in hell.  that cat can turn any dog into a scaredy cat! 

06 January 2011

Happy Birthday!

what's that charlie?  did you hear it's daddy's birthday?   i bet all he really wants is a hug.

aww, good dog!  happy birthday sweetie!!  we love you and miss you!!

03 January 2011

Dinosaur Bone Update

here's tucker working on the bone.  poor charlie looks on jealously.  i guess he forgot there is another bone just sitting on the floor a few feet away.  the music in the video is an attempt to class up this joint.  :)

01 January 2011

The Name Game

it's a new year, time for a new name!  after much consideration, i have decided to rename checkers sir charles longshanks poindexter bojangles harris, aka charlie, aka chuck.  it has a much classier ring to it, doesn't it?  charlie seems to like it better since he's been actually responding when i yell at him to stop barking at ellie. not that he stops, he just looks at me and i can tell he's mentally giving me the finger :)