29 September 2010

Matt Damon

tell me this dog doesn't look like Matt Damon. go on tell me. i dare you. what's wrong? cat got your tongue? scared? of me? aww, thanks!

28 September 2010

Best Face Forward





sorry izzy. i don't have a picture with you :(

22 September 2010

Book Review

tucker couldn't wait to read the new reacher by lee child, 61 Hours. he gives it 2 paws up and a happy tail wag.

15 September 2010

What Time Is It?

why, it's beer thirty!    tucker and checkers like to grab a shiner blonde to chase away their troubles. 

13 September 2010

And Introducing (finally)

Ms. Isabelle "who you calling a chiweenie" Bojangles, aka" izzy", aka" dammit izzy"

12 September 2010

1...2...3...and the winner is-

incredible izzy pins fat tuck for the win!  i can't believe it!  we have a new champ!! 

09 September 2010

Wild Kingdom

apparently the storm brought out the wild life in our yard.  all the animals had fun hunting-however, i did not enjoy clean up detail.  luckily, only the dead baby mouse made it in the house. i was amazed that elliot could growl and keep her "treasure" in her mouth at the same time.  i was not surprised though when i threw up a little in my mouth.

07 September 2010

The Humiliation Rolls On

here's pip showing off the lastest fashion craze, the oversized bow.  later she will form a plot to kill me, or at least break my camera,